Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world, where the sector can count on 12,000 companies, 800 show rooms, and 6,000 sales outlets; the city hosts the headquarters of global fashion houses such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Luxottica, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Zegna and four weeks a year are dedicated to fashion events. Cusano Milanino | [7] Its continuously built-up urban area, that stretches well beyond the boundaries of the administrative metropolitan city, is the fourth largest in the EU with 5.27 million inhabitants. Vanzago | Lodi (deutsch veraltet: Lauden) ist eine Stadt mit 46.050 Einwohnern (Stand 31. Pozzuolo Martesana | Nosate | A dense rail network, whose construction had started under Austrian patronage, was completed in a brief time, making Milan the rail hub of northern Italy and, with the opening of the Gotthard (1882) and Simplon (1906) railway tunnels, the major South European rail hub for goods and passenger transport. The municipality of Milan is subdivided into nine administrative Borough Councils (Consigli di Municipio), down from the former twenty districts before the 1999 administrative reform. The network consists of 4 lines (plus one under construction), with a total network length of 101 kilometres (63 mi), and a total of 113 stations, mostly underground. Milan has also taxi services operated by private companies and licensed by the City council of Milan. Milan is a major national and international centre of the performing arts, most notably opera. Milan will host the 2026 Winter Olympics as well as the 2026 Winter Paralympics jointly with Cortina d'Ampezzo. Very rapid industrialization in the last two decades of the 1800s led to the birth of a massive worker class as well as bitter social conflicts. Buscate | São Paulo was Milan's first sister city. The chief of the Insubres then submitted to Rome, giving the Romans control of the settlement. [47] However, in the 1990s, Milan was badly affected by Tangentopoli, a political scandal in which many politicians and businessmen were tried for corruption. Die Metropolregion war 2006 mit 7,4 Millionen Einwohnern der größte italienische Ballungsraum. The gilt bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, placed in 1774 on the highest pinnacle of the Duomo, soon became one of the most enduring symbols of Milan. The partnership with the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, that started in 1967, was suspended in 2012 (a decision taken by the city of Milan), because of the prohibition of the Russian government on "homosexual propaganda". Milan in the 20th century was the epicentre of the Futurist artistic movement. Vimodrone | Pessano con Bornago | [158] Another team, Milano City F.C. Bergamasker Alpen (Alpi Oróbie) zwischen dem Comer See im Westen und dem Robecchetto con Induno | 1450 fiel Mailand an das Adelsgeschlecht der Sforza. Carpiano | Venedig, Bergamo | Amatori Rugby Milano, the most decorated rugby team in Italy, was founded in Milan in 1927. They are two of the most successful clubs in the world of football in terms of international trophies. [28] They eventually conquered the entirety of the region, calling the new province "Cisalpine Gaul" (Latin: Gallia Cisalpina) – "Gaul this side of the Alps" – and may have given the site its Latinized name of Mediolanum: in Gaulish *medio- meant "middle, center" and the name element -lanon is the Celtic equivalent of Latin -planum "plain", thus *Mediolanon (Latinized as Mediolānum) meant "(settlement) in the midst of the plain". The Alps and Apennine Mountains form a natural barrier that protects the city from the major circulations coming from northern Europe and the sea. In addition, even though Milan is located in one of the most urbanised regions of Italy, it is surrounded by a belt of green areas and features numerous gardens even in its very centre. In recent years, de-industrialization, urban decay and gentrification led to a vast urban renewal of former industrial areas, that have been transformed into modern residential and financial districts, notably Porta Nuova in downtown Milan and FieraMilano in the suburb of Rho. [175][176] The Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio airports serve the Greater Milan, the largest metropolitan area in Italy. 114), the Municipal Statute[68] and several laws, notably the Legislative Decree 267/2000 or Unified Text on Local Administration (Testo Unico degli Enti Locali). In the late 18th century, and throughout the 19th, Milan was an important centre for intellectual discussion and literary creativity. Milan has also seen a rapid increase in the presence of IT companies, with both domestic and international companies such as Altavista, Google, Italtel, Lycos, Microsoft,[130] Virgilio and Yahoo! [32] Milan is a major global centre of higher education teaching and research and has the second largest concentration of higher education institutes in Italy after Rome. Milano capitale dell'Impero romano: 286–402 d.c. — album storico archeologico. Keine andere Stadt des Landes beherbergt so viele Ausländer. Furthermore, the city hosts the Milan Fashion Week twice a year, one of the most important events in the international fashion system. 2019 Einwohner: 3468: 3496: 3698: 4171: 4657: 4519: 4609: 5125: 5513: 6375: 7040: 8261: 8644: 8587: 8513 Kultur und Sehenswürdigkeiten. 850.000 Einwohner, im Dezember 2009 weitere fünf Gemeinden. In May 1898 Milan was shaken by the Bava Beccaris massacre, a riot related to soaring cost of living. Grezzago | In 2014 the City Council agreed on the construction of a new mosque amid bitter political debate, since it is strenuously opposed by right-wing parties such as the Northern League. [140] The city was affected by the Baroque in the 17th and 18th centuries, and hosted numerous formidable artists, architects and painters of that period, such as Caravaggio and Francesco Hayez, which several important works are hosted in Brera Academy. [193] The date column indicates the year in which the relationship was established. [126], Milan was the 11th most expensive city in Europe and the 22nd most expensive city in the world in 2019,[127] according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, while the well-known Via Monte Napoleone is Europe's most expensive shopping street according to Global Blue.[128]. Motta Visconti, Nerviano | [39], In 1556, Charles V abdicated in favour of his son Philip II and his brother Ferdinand I. Charles's Italian possessions, including Milan, passed to Philip II and remained with the Spanish line of Habsburgs, while Ferdinand's Austrian line of Habsburgs ruled the Holy Roman Empire. Cisliano | As well as the aggregated data on the stocks, the individual information (also geographically referenced) by the population register are considered for this purpose. Settimo Milanese | There are currently four professional Lega Basket clubs in Milan: Olimpia Milano, Pallacanestro Milano 1958, Società Canottieri Milano and A.S.S.I. Bei sommerlichen Temperaturen im späten Oktober widmeten wir dieser Stadt einen Besuch im Jahr 2017. In 402 the Visigoths besieged the city and the Emperor Honorius moved the Imperial residence to Ravenna. Berlins Polizei geht gegen Beamte vor +++ Deutschland: neun weitere Fälle von Geflügelpest +++ VW ruft 218.000 Autos in USA zurück +++ Die News von heute im … In addition, the old exhibition area is being completely reshaped according to the Citylife regeneration project, featuring residencial areas, museums, an urban park and three skyscrapers designed by international architects, and after whom they are named: the 202-metre (663-foot) Isozaki Arata—when completed, the tallest building in Italy,[85] the twisted Hadid Tower,[86] and the curved Libeskind Tower. Paris ist mit einer Einwohnerzahl von mehr als 12,8 Millionen Einwohnern die größte Stadt der Europäischen Union (EU) im Jahr 2019. Bernate Ticino | Noviglio | Basiano | [59] Usually this season enjoys clearer skies with an average of more than 13 hours of daylight:[60] when precipitations occur though, there is a higher likelihood of them being thunderstorms and hailstorms. The political unification of Italy enhanced Milan's economic dominance over northern Italy. The Monza Formula One circuit is located near the city, inside a suburban park. Today, Milan's conurbation extends well beyond the borders of the city proper and of its special-status provincial authority: its contiguous built-up urban area was home to 5,270,000 people in 2015,[8] while its wider metropolitan area, the largest in Italy and fourth largest in the EU, is estimated to have a population of more than 8.2 million. Cambiago | Later, he declared Milan capital of the Kingdom of Italy and was crowned King of Italy in the cathedral. The capacity for the F1 races is currently over 113,000. Milan is well known for its world-class restaurants and cafés, characterised by innovative cuisine and design. Some Roman structures remained in use in Milan under Lombard rule. Mediglia | [46] This period led the mass media to nickname the metropolis "Milano da bere", literally "Milan to be drunk". [82] A new, more eclectic form of architecture can be seen in buildings such as Castello Cova, built the 1910s in a distinctly neo-medieval style, evoking the architectural trends of the past. Other relevant industries active in metro Milan include chemicals (e.g. [143] In the 1950s and 60s, as the main industrial centre of Italy and one of Europe's most dynamic cities, Milan became a world capital of design and architecture. establishing their Italian operations in the city. – Milano: Cariplo: ET, 1991.—111 p.: ill; 47 cm (19 in). Tarquin is traditionally recorded as reigning from 616 to 579 BC, according to ancient Roman historian Titus Livy. Assago | Die Metropolitanstadt Mailand (italienisch Città Metropolitana di Milano) ist eine Metropolitanstadt in der italienischen Region Lombardei. Januar 2015 entstand aus der Provinz die Metropolitanstadt Mailand. The Modern Art Gallery, situated in the Royal Villa, hosts collections of Italian and European painting from the 18th to the early 20th centuries. [35] The Milanese destroyed Lodi and continuously warred with Pavia, Cremona and Como, who in turn asked Frederick I Barbarossa for help. Vittuone | The salame Milano, a salami with a very fine grain, is widespread throughout Italy. Paullo | [132], Tourism is an increasingly important part of the city's economy: with 8.81 million registered international arrivals in 2018 (up 9.92% on the previous year), Milan ranked as the world's 15th-most visited city.[133]. Varese Die ersten Provinzratswahlen erfolgten am 15. Buccinasco | Milan (/mɪˈlæn/, US also /mɪˈlɑːn/,[4] Milanese: [miˈlãː] (listen); Italian: Milano [miˈlaːno] (listen))[5] is a city in northern Italy, capital of Lombardy, and the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome. Reggio Calabria | Pieve Emanuele | People awarded the honorary citizenship of Milan are: L'Aquila, AbruzzoAosta, Aosta ValleyBari, ApuliaPotenza, Basilicata, Catanzaro, CalabriaNaples, CampaniaBologna, Emilia-RomagnaTrieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Rome, LazioGenoa, LiguriaMilan, LombardyAncona, Marche, Campobasso, MoliseTurin, PiedmontCagliari, SardiniaPalermo, Sicily, Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolFlorence, TuscanyPerugia, UmbriaVenice, Veneto, "Milano" redirects here. Carugate | [180] It has a daily ridership of 1.15 million,[181] the largest in Italy as well as one of the largest in Europe. Milan is one of the host cities of the EuroBasket 2022. An age of decline began which worsened when Attila, King of the Huns, sacked and devastated the city in 452 AD. San Giovanni Evangelista, Pfarrkirche; ... (1640–1704), der in Mailand den Palazzo Sormani Andriani und die Rotonda della Besana erbaut hat. San Giuliano Milanese | [187], The Milan metropolitan area is served by three international airports, with a grand total of about 47 million passengers served in 2018. In the spring, gale-force windstorms may happen, generated either by Tramontane blowing from the Alps or by Bora-like winds from the north.[60]. Marcallo con Casone | The apex of this period of turmoil occurred on 12 December 1969, when a bomb exploded at the National Agrarian Bank in Piazza Fontana, killing 17 people and injuring 88. Milan is widely regarded as a global capital in industrial design, fashion and architecture. Milan is home to many cultural institutions, museums and art galleries, that account for about a tenth of the national total of visitors and receipts. Its exhibition centre moved to a much larger site in Rho. At the beginning of the 1990s, Milan already had a population of foreign-born residents of approximately 58,000 (or 4% of the then population), that rose rapidly to over 117,000 by the end of the decade (about 9% of the total).[100]. Since the late 1800s, the area of Milan has been a major industrial and manufacturing centre. FieraMilano operates the world's fourth largest[131] exhibition hall in Rho, were international exhibitions like Milan Furniture Fair, EICMA, EMO take place on 400,000 square metres of exhibition areas with more than 4 million visitors in 2018. A2A, Edison S.p.A., Snam, Sorgenia) sectors are also large employers in the Greater Milan. Dairago | The city has been recognized as one of the world's four fashion capitals[14] thanks to several international events and fairs, including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair, which are currently among the world's biggest in terms of revenue, visitors and growth. Candy), hospitality (UNA Hotels & Resorts), food & beverages (e.g. Inzago | Ozzero | Amplifon, Bracco), plastics and textiles. Cormano | San Donato Milanese | Cinisello Balsamo | English-style Sempione Park, built in 1890, contains a Napoleonic Arena, the Milan City Aquarium, a steel lattice panoramic tower, an art exhibition centre, a Japanese garden and a public library. Corriere della Sera, founded in 1876, is one of the oldest Italian newspapers, and it is published by Rizzoli, as well as La Gazzetta dello Sport, a daily dedicated to coverage of various sports and currently considered the most widely read daily newspaper in Italy. Die Provinz zählt 1.116.384 Einwohner (Stand 31. Das Symbol verlinkt zu weiteren Informationen über eine ausgewählte Gebietseinheit inklusive ihrer Bevölkerungsstruktur (Geschlecht). Brescia | Trezzano sul Naviglio | In addition, it hosts the headquarters of the largest Italian publishing companies, such as Feltrinelli, Mondadori, RCS Media Group, Messaggerie Italiane, and Giunti Editore. Die Statistik zeigt die Bevölkerungsdichte (Einwohner je km²) in Berlin in den Jahren von 1995 bis 2019. Cornaredo | Rodano | Vizzolo Predabissi | Diesem Ruf wird die Hauptstadt der Region Lombardei durchaus gerecht: Shopping, Mode und Design bestimmen den Alltag vieler Einwohner und Besucher. Both teams play at the UEFA 5-star-rated Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, more commonly known as the San Siro, that is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, with a seating capacity of over 80,000. Mailand setzt sich bei der IOC-Wahl gegen Stockholm durch. In 1700 the Spanish line of Habsburgs was extinguished with the death of Charles II. ", "Cova Pasticceria Confetteria – dal 1817", "5th Congress of the European Society on Family Relations (ESFR)", "Best International MBAs: One-Year Programs", "Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM", "Vita-Salute San Raffaele University – Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele", "Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di Musica Sacra: What is it? Parabiago | [178] Besides public transport, ATM manages the interchange parking lots and other transport services including bike sharing and carsharing systems.[179]. Cerro Maggiore | Its central railway station is Italy's second and Europe's eighth busiest. During the second half of the 4th century, Saint Ambrose, as bishop of Milan, had a strong influence on the layout of the city, reshaping the centre (although the cathedral and baptistery built in Roman times are now lost) and building the great basilicas at the city gates: Sant'Ambrogio, San Nazaro in Brolo, San Simpliciano and Sant'Eustorgio, which still stand, refurbished over the centuries, as some of the finest and most important churches in Milan. NUMBER OF VISITORS AND RECEIPTS BY TYPE OF ADMISSION AND TYPE OF INSTITUTE, 2011", "Europe | La Scala faces uncertain future", "Cambridge Journals Online – Business History Review – Abstract – Turning Fashion into Business: The Emergence of Milan as an International Fashion Hub", "Frieze Magazine | Archive | Milan and Turin", "Salone Internazionale del Mobile official website", "New York Takes Top Global Fashion Capital Title from London, edging past Paris", "Where Are the World's Best Shopping and Dining Destinations? The current mayor of Milan is Giuseppe Sala, a left-wing independent leading a progressive alliance composed by Democratic Party, Italian Left and Italy of Values. Bologna | In the third decade of the 19th century, Alessandro Manzoni wrote his novel I Promessi Sposi, considered the manifesto of Italian Romanticism, which found in Milan its centre; in the same period Carlo Porta, reputed the most renowned local vernacular poet, wrote his poems in Lombard Language. A new section was opened in the Palazzo della Banca Commerciale Italiana in 2012. In 2018, Milan hosted the World Figure Skating Championships. Cuggiono | During the Second World War Milan large industrial and transport facilities suffered extensive damage from Allied bombings that often hit also residential districts. [144] Modern skyscrapers, such as the Pirelli Tower and the Torre Velasca were built, and artists such as Bruno Munari, Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani and Piero Manzoni gathered in the city. [60] Springs and autumns are generally pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 10 and 20 °C (50 and 68 °F); these seasons are characterized by higher rainfall, especially in April and May. Villa Cortese | The tumultuous period of early 20th century brought several, radical innovations in Milanese architecture. Salini), retail (e.g. Diese untergliederten das Herzogtum Mailand 1786 in acht Provinzen, darunter die Provinz Mailand. The conservatives have governed the region almost uninterruptedly since 1970. Paderno Dugnano | Alle Ferientermine für Italien 2019 sorgfältig recherchiert und tabellarisch dargestellt. [41] Following this battle, Milan and the rest of Lombardy were incorporated into Piedmont-Sardinia, which then proceeded to annex all the other Italian statlets and proclaim the birth of the Kingdom of Italy on March 17, 1861. Magnago | [170], Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is a medical university linked to the San Raffaele Hospital. Der eindrucksvolle Rohbau blieb … Milan's figurative art flourished in the Middle Ages, and with the Visconti family being major patrons of the arts, the city became an important centre of Gothic art and architecture (Milan Cathedral being the city's most formidable work of Gothic architecture). Dezember 2019). Milan is an important national and international media centre. The Triennale is a design museum and events venue located in Palazzo dell'Arte, in Sempione Park. In the early 21st century, Milan underwent a series of sweeping redevelopments over huge former industrial areas. Die Metropolitanstadt Mailand ist das wirtschaftlich bedeutendste Zentrum Italiens. The late 1700s Palazzo Belgioioso by Giuseppe Piermarini and Royal Villa of Milan by Leopoldo Pollack, later the official residence of Austrian viceroys, are often regarded among the best examples of Neoclassical architecture in Lombardy. Occasionally, the Foehn winds cause the temperatures to rise unexpectedly: on 22 January 2012 the daily high reached 16 °C (61 °F) while on 22 February 2012 it reached 21 °C (70 °F). [167] Bocconi University also ranks as the 5th best 1 year MBA course in the world, according to the Forbes 2017 ranking. Since 21 June 2016 Giuseppe Sala, as mayor of the capital city, has been the mayor of the Metropolitan City. After his death, the War of the Spanish Succession began in 1701 with the occupation of all Spanish possessions by French troops backing the claim of the French Philippe of Anjou to the Spanish throne. Morimondo | Die 3 größten Städte in Mailand nach Bevölkerungszahl sind Mailand mit circa 1366180, Sesto San Giovanni mit circa 82141 und Cinisello Balsamo mit circa 75723 Einwohner. Milan is also home to many public art projects, with a variety of works that range from sculptures to murals to pieces by internationally renowned artists, including Arman, Kengiro Azuma, Francesco Barzaghi, Alberto Burri, Pietro Cascella, Maurizio Cattelan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Giorgio de Chirico, Kris Ruhs, Emilio Isgrò, Fausto Melotti, Joan Miró, Carlo Mo, Claes Oldenburg, Igor Mitoraj, Gianfranco Pardi, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Carlo Ramous, Aldo Rossi, Aligi Sassu, Giuseppe Spagnulo and Domenico Trentacoste. Here, too, Giuseppe Parini, and Ugo Foscolo published their most important works, and were admired by younger poets as masters of ethics, as well as of literary craftsmanship. Im Zuge dieser Reform verlor die Provinz Mailand 37 Gemeinden an die neue Provinz Varese. The city hosts La Scala operahouse, considered one of the world's most prestigious,[142] having throughout history witnessed the premieres of numerous operas, such as Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi in 1842, La Gioconda by Amilcare Ponchielli, Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini in 1904, Turandot by Puccini in 1926, and more recently Teneke, by Fabio Vacchi in 2007. San Zenone al Lambro | [102] Milan has also a substantial English-speaking community (more than 3,000 American, British and Australian expatriates[101]), and several English schools and language publications, such as Hello Milano, Where Milano and Easy Milano. Immigrants came mainly from Africa (in particular Eritrean, Egyptian, Moroccans, Senegalese, and Nigerian), and the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe (notably Albania, Romania, Ukraine, Macedonia, Moldova, and Russia), in addition to a growing number of Asians (in particular Chinese, Sri Lankans and Filipinos) and Latin Americans (Mainly South Americans). With rapid industrialization in post-war years, the population of Milan peaked at 1,743,427 in 1973. Canegrate | Its business district hosts Italy's stock exchange (Italian: Borsa Italiana), and the headquarters of national and international banks and companies. Rescaldina | In the summer of 569 the Lombards (from whom the name of the Italian region Lombardy derives), conquered Milan, overpowering the small Byzantine garrison left for its defence. [84], The post–World War II period saw rapid reconstruction and fast economic growth, accompanied by a nearly two-fold increase in population. The Jewish community of Milan is the second largest in Italy after Rome, with about 10,000 members, mainly Sephardi. Porta Genova - Giambellino - Lorenteggio. Bicocca, built over abandoned industrial estates, today enrolls more than 30,000 students and ranks high in international rankings on young universities;[169], IULM University of Milan was established in 1968 as the first Italian tertiary institution offering courses on public relations; later it became a point of reference also for business communication; media and advertising; interpreting; communication in culture and arts markets, tourism and fashion. Opera | The king's cousin, Louis of Orléans, took part in the expedition and realized Italy was virtually defenseless. Rosate | San Giorgio su Legnano | [96] Thereafter, during the following decades, about one third of the population moved to the outer belt of suburbs and new satellite settlements that grew around the city proper. Diocletian himself chose to reside at Nicomedia in the Eastern Empire, leaving his colleague Maximian at Milan. Boffalora sopra Ticino |

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